1964 Plymouth Savoy

383 Super Commando Original Drive-train

1964 Plymouth Savoy

Was in service as a Los Angeles County Sherif Department patrol car.

1964 Plymouth Savoy

Went into private hands after being sold from the county It was never modified.

1963 Chevy II Nova

Former editor of Hotrod Magazine, Steve Magnante's Nova II

65 Plymouth Altered Wheelbase

One of Rich Lefebvre's Altered Wheelbase cars

65 Plymouth Altered Wheelbase

He does all the body work including modifications and fabrications himself.

Brian Dickey's 1962 Plymouth

At Pheonix Raceway

Bill Goswick's '59 Biscayne

'59 at dragstrip

One of Bill's first cars

Jack Goodrich's 65 Bel I Race Hemi 4 Speed

This is a factory 426 Hemi

Jack Goodrich's fuel injected afx Hemi

Anton Heitzmann's 64 Savoy

Originally built by Moshers for Bob's son

Anton has plans his son will also be able to enjoy it as he comes of age

Pat and Clara Hendrick's '62 Dart



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