Light Metallic Blue with a factory blue interior (bench seats)
This vehicle is being built as an early production Race Hemi clone

1/10/14 - Modified Race Hemi grill bright dipped and assembled

9/27/13 - Paint

10/12/1210/12/12 - Race Hemi grill fabricated and test fitted before bright dipping. Hood scoop mounted before sending off to body & paint.

10/5/12 - Metal fabrication work completed. Car is ready for body and paint work.

5/17/12 - Media blasted and primered

5/1/12 - Hood cut open to accept Race Hemi hood scoop. Fiberglass scoop modified to fit and mounted.

4/24/12 - Various sub-assemblies restored

3/26/12 - Car stripped and ready to send off for media blasting

3/21/12 - New project