547in. stroked Race Hemi Stage V built by Dale Reed
727 TorqueFlite Race Hemi Column-Shift transmission
Dana 60 Rear-End
Rear tubs opened up and other metal fabrications done by Bob Hanson

7/18/05 - Off to have headers fitted and installed


7/14/05 - Hemi Engine Swallowed (slideshow)


7/01/05 -  Mounted the block onto the the k-member installed torque converter and tacked on the trans


6/29/05 - Old front-end removal


6/25/05 - Getting the front-end suspension ready for the new drive-line


2/25/04 - 547 in. block at Dale Reed's


1/14/05 - 727 Torqueflite Trans and 2700 stall converter showed up today


11/16/04 - New recast steering wheel on restored reverse pattern steering column


9/23/04 - Entire front-end complete including disk brakes


9/03/04 - Rear-end prepped and ready

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We're building this car for Larry Hursh of Calgary, Alberta Canada.