11/13/06 - Shipped



7/14/06 - Driveshaft, e-brakes and headers


6/23/06 - Front end and brakes assembled. Steering column, radiator and battery tray installed


6/6/06 - Motor installed


6/5/06 - Trans attached and motor jigged up for installation


4/19/06 - Rear-end installed.  Spring perches modified and relocated in-board for wheel clearance


2/6/06 - 8 3/4" 3:55 Rear-end assembled, Drum Brakes, E-Brake cables



1/30/05 - Seats tail light assembly with reverse delete, headlight buckets


1/10/05 - Fuel Pump installed


12/23/05 - Rear window trim attached. Tachometer. Fuel and brake lines installed.


12/09/05- Drum-break assembly. Front window trim applied. 


12/08/05 - Undercarriage stripped and painted. Tach mounted.



11/02/05 - Front trim attached. Possible tach-mounting point.


10/21/05 - New reworked 4-row big-block radiator. Rebuilt 727 Torqflite Trans and 2500-700 stall 11in torq converter


8/24/05 - New door panels installed. Rebuilt front-end powder coated assembled with all new parts



Rebuilt 440 40 Over Correct 6-bolt pattern steel valve covers with 413 stickers

Reworked 906 Chrysler Heads

Complete cross-ram linkage (all parts new)

Lightweight Keith Black pistons

Edelbrock 750cfm Carburetors

509 Lift Hydraulic Cam

Engine painted Race-Hemi orange

Milodon Deep 7 Quart Pan and Pickup

Max Wedge air cleaners


7/26/05 - New powder coated steel wheels mounted and balanced. Bright Dipped Grill detailed


5/26/05 - Dash, front and rear glass installed


4/12/05 - There was no media blasting available at the time so the undercarriage is being hand burnished


5/15/05 - Made up and installed under-dash MSD brackets. Installed refurbished wiper motor. Rear bumper and upper side molding attached. Trunk and floor sealed with gloss black POR15.


3/3/05 -  two stage paint job


2/22/05 - Body is ready for paint


1/16/05 - Floor replaced. Body is getting prepped for paint


11/20/04 - Body Progress


11/18/04 - cut out the old rusty floor with an air chisel


11/17/04 - Harvesting the donor floor


10/28/04 - Refurbished single speed wiper motor


10/20/04 - Dash assembly painted, Cluster chromed


9/13/04 - The body's coming along


8/19/04 - Fixed the rear passenger (the worst) quarter today


8/18/04 - Sanded down, de-rusted and filled in the dings on the dash


8/24/04 - Fixed driver's-side rear quarter. Installed replacement hood and trunk


Here's the condition we received the vehicle in.. (after purging a couple tons of rubbish)