Project purchased from previous customer Monty Bernstein with the following changes to be made:
    Setting up real Max Wedge top end
    Installing Roller Cam
    Converting to 4-speed transmission
    4.10 Sure-Grip rear end

This car was built as a Max-Wedge clone
727 Pushbutton TorqueFlite transmission
3.55 Sure-Grip rear-end
Original Factory 'Ruby-Red' paint



5/22/15 - Rebuilt 4-speed with T85 shifter handle and reproduction Hurst shifter mechanism, with 3-speed shift ball



10/26/12 - A833 4-speed completely rebuilt and detail painted with factory inspection marks


8/17/12 - Max Wedge heads. Restored 4-speed pedal assembly.


6/20/11 - Sold


Project Completed


12/16/04 - Big block 4 row radiator reworked and installed


11/25/04 - Back from Doug Thorley's with new fender-well headers


11/01/04 - Off to Doug's


10/26/04  - Ready to be sent out to Doug Thorley's for fender-well headers


10/18/04 - Alas, Monty's new motor is installed


10/14/04 - Old front end assembly removed; New driveline prepared for installation




A few scanned snapshots pre-dating this site


We found this car at A1 Transmissions in Irwindale Calif, owned by Pete White, and it was a complete basket-case when we got it from them. At that time, Bill White (Pete's father) did all the transmissions and converters for our shop.