Max Wedge Clone 440 (60 over)
727 Pushbutton TorqueFlite auto transmission
355 Posi rear-end
Fenderwell headers by Doug's
Cross ram with dual 3447 carburetors & Engle cam

11/8/10 - A few out door shots

2/6/07 - Fenderwell headers installed. Sent off for exhaust to be fit


1/22/07 - Jigged motor to front end and threw her in


5/12/06 - Seats installed


6/12/05 - Motor being assembled by Dale Reed


5/31/05 - re-upholstered door panels installed


12/21/04 - Snider's 62 made it to the outside light today during an episode of musical-cars

9/1/04 - Took Bob's car off the rack






Originally found in surprisingly rust free condition although it was buried in 4 inches of Alabama dirt in all fender and door cavities. It was equipped with a 3 speed Slant-6 which was being used as a farm tractor but its been retired from the field to greener pastures.