Blown 440 Wedge Motor
 727 TorqueFlite trans with column shifter
 Dana 60 Rear-end with Tri City leaf springs
 This car is being built as a blown exhibition type vehicle reminiscent of the mid '60s match-racers


3/5/08 - Project complete


2/26/08 - Starting up the motor for the first time



8/30/07 - Hemi hood scoop cut out to clear blower and mounted


8/20/07 - Cut and fit hood for blower clearance



6/20/07 - Cooling system complete


5/30/06 - Blown Wedge


5/26/05 - Steering column restored painted and modified shifting for reverse body


1/13/05 - New brake lines have been made up and fitted


1/10/05 - Front-end assembled


12/01/04 - New seats and door panels installed


11/17/04 - Headlights and harness installed. Main wiring and taillight harnesses also installed.


10/25/04 - Manifold Pressure Gauge Placement


9/29/04 - Installed new rear and side glass


9/23/04 - New slicks on reversed painted wheels in the rear. B&M trans cooler installed


8/25/04 - Front and rear bumpers installed. Electric fuel pump and lines installed. Gas tank enthroned.


6/21/04 - New front windshield, complete tachometer set up, new package tray, missing grill support brace and lower front balance painted and installed on car.