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I got my license at 16 and with it came my first car, a 1950 Ford.

Then I got a 59 Chevy Biscayne with a 348 Tri-Power 4 speed

In 1962 my Dad started to write for Leave It To Beaver and the series happened to be sponsored by Chrysler. So as a result he was given many such cars to drive home off the set or from the local dealership's showroom, back in the old days of Payola.

When my folks went out to dinner (which was quite frequent) I would take some of these cars out for joy rides or in modern terms "Road Tests"

A little later in 1963 my Dad also started writing The Munsters which exposed me to the work of George Barris, who built some of the hottest vehicle customizations for Hollywood which included The Munster Coach & Coffin Car for the show.

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