Greg Berry's 1963 Plymouth Max Wedge

Seats Seats Seats

Jim Thomas's 1963 Max Wedge Plymouth Savoy


Monty Bernstein's 1963 Max Wedge Plymouth Savoy


Melrose Missile

Super Stock (circa 1963)

Drivers: Tom Grove and Charlie Di Bari

Engine: 426 CU. IN. Max Wedge

Best Performance: 12.00 ET, 118.26 MPH (in Summer of '64)

Restored and owned by Bob Mosher

This car is an example of the type made available when the Detroit manufactures became interested in drag racing. By 1963 the MoPar wedge engine had been developed into true high performance equipment with the Dodge version called the "Ramcharger", and the Plymouth "Super Stock". The engine featuring dual Carter AFB carburetors on a cross ram manifold was housed in a lightweight package featuring all aluminum front sheet metal including the bumper and hood with factory installed scoops. This car was third in a series of cars sponsored by Melrose Motors, a Plymouth dealer in Oakland. It was raced in both Super Stock (with a three speed transmission) and Super Stock/Automatic (using the push button Torqueflite). After winning S/S class at the '63 Winternationals, it set the class record listed above that summer at Half Moon Bay.




worked on by Mosher's