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Date  Project  Update
Mosher's Musclecar Motors officially closed on 8/26/22 due to retirement
Restored by Benoit took over the shop and all clients on 9/1/22
5/4/22 Parts for sale  
9/23/20 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy For Sale
5/26/20  Bob Mosher's '65 Plymouth Bel I  Engine stand startup test (video) 
Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart  Trim, interior, motor assembly, fuel lines, fuel tank, radiator, front suspension, custom fit exhaust
5/18/20 Bob Moshers '63 330 Wagon Sold
7/31/19 '62 Dodge Dart Max Wedge New project
7/30/19 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Engine stand startup test (video)
6/14/19 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Motor running (video)
5/21/19 Bob Mosher's '64 Plymouth Project finished (and sold). Shipping overseas
7/1/18 Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart Motor, trans, rear suspension, and dash installed.
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Frame rail reinforcements, driveshaft safety loop
6/23/18 New Location We're back!
7/28/17 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Project complete
Bob Mosher's '65 Plymouth Bel I Motor assembled
Bob Mosher's 1966 Belvedere I New project
7/21/17 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Project complete
6/22/17 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Project complete
8/18/16 Bob Mosher's 1962 Dodge Dart For sale
8/8/16 Bob Mosher's 1964 Dodge 330 Factory mag wheels
5/30/16 Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart Pedal assembly, glass, and head liner installed
5/23/16 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Interior finished: Dash, head liner, seats, seat belts, etc.
5/19/16 Bob Mosher's 1962 Dodge Dart Vehicle for sale
12/10/15 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Exhaust system tack welded together and mocked up
11/20/15 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Motor running, mechanically complete, ready for detail
11/6/15 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Motor, trans, and dash installed. Undercarriage painted
5/22/15 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Tri-Y headers installed, transmission installed
5/22/15 727 Torqflite transmission rebuilt
Jason Owens' '63 Plymouth Savoy 4-speed with T85 shifter handle and reproduction Hurst shifter mechanism, with 3-speed shift ball
5/15/15 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Passenger-side floor pan replaced and weather sealed6
10/3/14 Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart Factory Max Wedge engine disassembled, stripped and cleaned, rare (optional) 16x4.5" front wheels, custom widened 15x8 rears
9/12/14 Bob Mosher's '64 Plymouth Driveline installed
7/8/14 Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart Steering box taken apart, and restored
Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Side trim polished and attached. Restored steering box installed
8/1/14 Dana 60, and leaf springs installed
Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Rear end assembly, leaf springs, frame rail connectors
7/9/14 Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart Car stripped. Ready to begin re-restoration
6/17/14 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Grill bright dipped, detail painted, reassembled. Hood repaired with correct style scoop mounted. Trunk coated in Zolatone
5/30/14 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Engine installed
  Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Refurbished exhaust system installed
5/9/14 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Restored 11 x 3" drum breaks
Larry Hursh's '62 Dodge Dart New Project
4/11/14 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Engine fully assembled, reupholstered seats, new carpet, reverse pattern shift assembly
2/21/14 Bob Mosher's '64 Plymouth Engine, trans, and suspension jigged. Ready for installation
2/14/14 Bob Mosher's '65 Plymouth Bel I New project
1/10/14 Emmons Bros. '64 Plymouth Savoy Race Hemi grill: Modified, straightened, and bright dipped
Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Dash installed. 727 Torqflite trans rebuilt
10/18/13 Car re-painted factory correct red
10/4/13 Motor painted, carbs and distributor installed
9/27/13 Emmons Bros. '64 Plymouth Savoy Paint
8/9/13 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Rebuilt TorqueFlite 727, refurbished stock exhaust system
6/21/13 Motor and some accessories installed
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Factory correct disk brake calipers, final engine instalation, reproduction door panels.
5/8/13 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Car arrives at body shop. Body work begins
3/29/13 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Block mocked up with crank/rods/pistons to test for clearance
2/22/13   Block painted. New Crower rods
2/10/13 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 Mostly stripped
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Headers & custom fit exhaust coated
Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Custom fit exhaust, coated
2/2/13 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Engine painted and assembled, receiving accessories.
Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Seats reupholstered, new pistons, block prepped for assembly.
2/1/13 Gary's 1963 Dodge 330 New project
12/14/12 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Photographs updated to reflect progress
Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door
Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy
11/9/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Rear suspension assembled and installed
11/7/12 Odds & Ends Rebuilt slant 6
10/26/12 Jason Owens' '63 Plymouth Savoy A833 4-speed completely rebuilt and detail painted with factory inspection marks
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Clean and blasted Hemi Dart spindles and hubs.
10/19/12 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Motor mock-assembled to check for proper fitment
Bob Mosher's '64 Plymouth Restored steering wheel, column. Re-assembled modified 727 TorqFlite.
10/12/12 Emmons Bros. '64 Plymouth Savoy Race Hemi grill
10/5/12 Metal fabrication work completed.
9/7/12 Hendrick's '65 Dodge Coronet Parting shots / Detailed
8/24/12 Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Exterior trim
8/22/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Carpet, front & rear seats, package tray
8/17/12 Jason Owens' '63 Plymouth Savoy 4-speed pedal assembly. Max Wedge heads
8/14/12 Jason Owens' '63 Plymouth Savoy Project purchased from previous customer with intent to modify driveline with a new Max Wedge top-end and roller-cam. Automatic trans will be changed over to an A-833 4-speed, and the rear axle will be swapped with a 4.10 Sure-Grip unit.
7/3/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Front and rear glass installed with trim; trunk lid repainted and installed with trim, letters and medalion.
  Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Rebuilt 3.91 Sure Grip, valve covers, steering wheel. Painted crossram intake manifold, timing cover, and water pump; rebuilt steering box.
5/31/12 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Exhaust system custom fabricated to factory specs
5/17/12 Emmons Bros. '64 Plymouth Savoy Media blasted and primered
5/8/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy

Dash assembled, side glass, bright dipped grill installed

5/1/12 Emmons Bros. '64 Plymouth Savoy Hood cut open to accept Race Hemi hood scoop. Fiberglass scoop modified to fit and mounted.
4/24/12 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Rebuilt heads, sand blasted cross ram intake manifold, valve covers, and timing chain cover
Emmons Bros. '64 Plymouth Savoy Sub assemblies restored
3/26/12 Car stripped and ready for media blasting
3/22/12 New Project
3/21/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Dash painted
3/15/12 Undercarriage masked and painted
3/1/12 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door

Instrument cluster installed. Re-upholstered seats installed

Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Back from body shop. Bumpers, spare tire, license plate, tail lights, wheels and tires (before removing driveline)
2/28/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Color sanded, body & paint finished
2/17/12 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Hood emblem detailed
Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Engine short blocked
2/2/12 Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Modified hemi grill, reproduction tail lights, glass
2/1/12 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Dash, heater, radio, and under-seat mounted MSD installed
1/27/12 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Block, 3-speed Hurst shifter, vent windows, wiring harness
1/25/12 Body work, color sanding
Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Auxiliary tail lights deleted, tachometer
1/17/12 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Camshaft installed and degreed.
12/22/11 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy Beginning restoration
Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Heads ported and polished
12/20/11 Short block blue printed and assembled
12/19/11 Jay Kempton's '62 Plymouth Savoy New project
12/7/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Rear end and rear suspension, rear drums, spare tire
11/28/11 Tires mounted, nos hubcaps
10/28/11 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Headers finally fit
Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Restored sub-assemblies
10/26/11 Transmission rebuilt
10/11/11 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Body work progress
10/4/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Trans rebuilt and ready to install
9/28/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Towed back to shop, getting ready to paint undercarriage
9/21/11 Car painted
8/26/11 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Test fitting motor
8/17/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Rear suspension installed
8/1/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Rebuilt 3.23 Sure-Grip
7/22/11 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Rebuilt 3.55 third member
7/19/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Body work
6/22/11 Hendrick's '65 Dodge Coronet Color sanded and buffed
6/20/11 Monty Bernstein's '63 Plymouth Savoy For sale
6/15/11 Jerry Laidlaw's '64 Plymouth Savoy Sold
5/20/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Head liner, wheels
5/13/11 Jerry Laidlaw's '64 Plymouth Savoy Mosher built '64 Savoy Max Wedge for sale by owner
5/6/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Undercarriage and floor painted
4/21/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Painted
Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Towed to body shop, starting on body work
3/16/11 Media blasted and primered
Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy
2/25/11 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy Missing sheet metal acquired
2/17/11 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door Core stripped and ready to send off for media blasting
2/4/11 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy 4-speed hump installed
1/21/01 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dart 4-door New Project
1/19/11 Ron Rowlands' '62 Plymouth Savoy New project
12/30/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Trans case stripped and painted, 3447 carburetors
12/29/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Motor ready to install
12/10/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Doors and front fenders painted, not color sanded yet
11/23/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Column installed, engine compartment complete, side glass
11/19/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Wind wings
11/12/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Steering column restored
11/11/10 Various parts restored
11/8/10 Bob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Briefly taken out of storage
Bob Snider's '62 Plymouth
11/4/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Dash, all suspension, brakes, correct tires & wheels
11/3/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart Front end rebuilt, new front brakes
10/26/10 Blocking body down again to prep for paint
10/20/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart New old stock steering shaft, rebuilt coupler
10/18/10 Rebuilt door hinges
10/15/10 Melrose Missile III Moving to the Peterson Automotive Museum
10/13/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart 4-speed transmission core acquired. NOS Turn signal lenses
10/12/10 Hats and Stickers For Sale
10/7/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart 4-speed pedal assembly restored
9/29/10 1964 Dodge 330 Drive line installed
9/27/10 Richard Rowlands' '62 Dodge Dart New project sold
8/26/10 '59 Chevy Biscayne Painted, trim attached
7/22/10 Snider on Patrol  
7/14/10 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Motor starting up
7/12/10 Velocity stacks, hood plate, Superstock gel cell battery
6/17/10 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Radiator installed
6/11/10 Front suspension hooked up, wheels back on
6/10/10 Motor installed
6/8/10 Headers and transmission attached. Driveline ready to install.
6/3/10 Motor jigged to front end
Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Hemi air cleaner
6/2/10 Engine fired up
5/24/10 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Outer trim, reproduction tail lights, side glass, seats upholstered, new door panels, transmission rebuilt, reverse pattern hemi steering column assembled. Re-cored radiator, trunk battery tray. Old front end removed in preparation for new driveline.
5/18/10 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Fender well headers
5/13/10 Mosher's '63 Dodge 330 Wagon Grill & glass
5/7/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Correct matching numbers '68 Hemi Dart radiator
5/6/10 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Engine Installed
  Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Custom made exhaust, hub caps
5/3/10 Jerry Laidlaw's '63 Plymouth Savoy For sale: $25,000
Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Engine built. Aluminum clutch fan assembly
3/31/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart K-member and front suspension installed
Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet A couple out door snapshots
3/22/10 Motor installed
3/18/10 Motor jigged up to trans. Headers installed
3/15/10 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Rear end installed. Motor assembled
3/9/10 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Rear end installed with new brakes
2/25/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Correct lower control arms
2/23/10 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 3.91:1 third member assembled. Front and rear glass installed
2/15/10 Head-liner installed
2/5/10 Dash installed
2/5/10 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Front end sub-assembly
2/3/10 Mosher's '63 Dodge 330 Wagon Painted. Trim attached
2/1/10 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Motor fired up. Project complete
1/27/10 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Trunk painted with Zolatone
1/12/10 Front end rebuilt
12/23/09 Undercarriage and interior floor painted
12/15/09 Reapplied original 1960's Gold Finger lettering
12/7/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Exhaust system installed
12/4/09 Exhaust system fabricated and welded together
11/23/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Master cylinder, firewall brake lines, proportioning valve
10/22/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Motor installed
10/21/09 Old front end removed. Ready to install driveline
10/09/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Rebuilt Torqflite, 3000 stall converter
10/2/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Headers
10/1/09 1962 Dodge Dart Project Body work
9/29/09  Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Trans attached to jig.
9/22/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Hand formed lightweight steel race hemi hood scoop
9/17/09 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Front and rear windshield molding, restored steering box
9/16/09 Bob Mosher's 1965 Belvedere I Sold
9/10/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Project complete
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Motor jigged to front end
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Restored fresh air box
1962 Dodge Dart Project
8/31/09 1962 Dodge Dart Project Restored single speed wiper motor assembly
8/28/09 Instrument cluster, main wiring harness & pushbutton assembly restored.
8/26/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Motor fired up for the first time (video)
8/20/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Painted. Ready to color sand and buff
8/5/09 Motor running on a stand
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Motor
7/31/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Disc brakes
7/23/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere 3.55 Sure Grip, 489 Casing
7/22/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Radiator, dual master cylinder, brake lines
7/16/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Dana 60 4.10 Chrysler Sure-Grip rear end
7/15/09 1964 Dodge 330 Hemi Head light rings polished & detail painted
Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Rear wheels mounted
7/14/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Rear end installed
7/8/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Front end rebuilt
6/29/09 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet 3.54 Dana 60 rear end installed
6/23/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Custom fit exhaust
6/18/09 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Rear end installed. Correct front wheel & tire combination
6/12/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Trans, converter, rear wheels
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Dana 60 3.73 Sure-grip rear end
6/3/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Primer
1962 Dodge Dart Project Media blasted & primer
5/29/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Motor installed
5/15/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Some more body work progress
5/8/09 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Motor fired up. Project complete
5/4/09 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Front & rear windshield. Grill bright dipped & detailed
4/28/09 1962 Dodge Dart Project Hood scoop
4/22/09 Stripped down
4/21/08 US Mopar Service (Shop Fleet) New paint job & logo on shop trunk
4/17/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Dash
4/16/09 1962 Dodge Dart Project New project
4/9/09 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Rear end installed with new breaks
4/3/09 Rear end assembled with new ring & pinion, sure-grip unit
4/2/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Some body work progress
4/1/09  '68 Hurst Hemi Dart New package tray
3/31/09 '63 Dodge 330 Shop Fleet Shop logo
3/26/09 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Possible front wheels
3/24/09 Hilborn Fuel Injection Shop acquisition
3/19/09 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Aluminum clutch fan assembly
1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Fabricate and install complete exhaust system
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Single speed passenger side delete wiper motor assembly
3/17/09 Replacement trunk floor
1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Race hemi air cleaner arrives
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Aluminum clutch fan assembly
3/16/09 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Master cylinder, proportioning valve and brake lines
3/13/09 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Reupholstered race hemi buck seats and brackets
3/12/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Tail light housings assembled and installed
3/11/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Alternator & motor mounts
3/9/09 Aluminum fan and clutch assembly
3/8/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Aluminum race hemi style fan and clutch assembly
3/6/09 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Motor arrived from engine builder Dale Reed
3/4/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Dash mounted tachometer, custom bent lines
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Fuel tank
3/2/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Custom mounted trans cooler
Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Custom mounted trans cooler, electric fuel pump
2/25/09 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Radiator and steering column installed
2/23/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Front fender trim, reproduction trunk lock medallion
2/19/08 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart New head liner, MSD, driver's side mirror delete
2/18/09 Hemi heater motor delete plate
2/16/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi All fuel and brake lines custom bent and installed
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Instrument cluster detail painted
2/11/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Exterior window molding trim
2/6/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Modified race hemi grill
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Hood scoop support bracing, fresh air boxes
2/5/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Front and rear glass installed
2/4/09 Back seat and door panels
2/3/09 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Dana 60 with 3.55 gears
2/2/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Reproduction tail light bezels & lenses. Side trim
1/30/09 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Body progress
1/27/09 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Motor installed
1/21/09 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi  Exterior window trim
1/19/09 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Carpet, rear package tray divider, fuel tank
1/15/09 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Bumpers mounted
1/13/09 1964 Dodge 330 Hemi Painted and ready for color sanding
1/12/09 Bill Munson's '68 Valiant Core
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Rear package tray, front and rear windshield
1/8/09 Seats & door panels
12/31/08 Bob Mosher's 64 Plymouth Savoy Daily driver
12/30/08 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Towed to body shop to start body work
12/29/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Carpet
12/22/08 Tachometer mounted
8 rear end installed
12/18/08 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Side glass installed
12/17/08 Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Trunk floor weather sealed
12/12/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Dash installed. Reproduction front fender medallions
12/10/08 Side glass and head-liner installed
Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Interior floor sealed, hood scoop mounted
12/9/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Trunk painted with Zolatone
12/8/08 Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Painted
12/2/08 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Continued progress on body
11/26/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Floor weather sealed. MSD ignition & bumpers mounted
11/20/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Undercarriage painted
11/12/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Front end assembled with disc brakes
Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Body & paint progress
11/10/08 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Head liner installed
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Hub caps
11/5/08 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Re-chromed bumpers, dash cluster, MSD
11/4/08  Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Color sanded and buffed
10/31/08 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Motor finished
10/28/08 1962 Dodge Race Dart Rebuilt 500in motor, modified latter bar floater rear-end
10/27/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Refurbished turn signals & new front 15x4.5" mags
Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Floor weather sealed, push-button assembly restored
Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Modified Hemi k-member
10/23/08 Monty Bernstein's '63 Savoy For sale
10/22/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Seats and interior reveal trim installed
10/20/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Painted
10/16/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Trunk painted with Zolatone
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Continued progress on body
10/15/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet New trunk badge
10/13/08 Rob Mosher's '63 330 For sale
10/10/08 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Re-cast steering wheel
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Test fitting modified hemi grill
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Installing entire floor pan
10/6/08 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Race hemi grill installed
9/26/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Front end assembled
9/25/08 New front and rear windshield
9/18/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Detail painted modified hemi grill
9/16/08 Bob Mosher's '63 Dodge 330 Shop fleet car gets a face lift
9/12/08 Mosher's '65 Plymouth Belvedere For sale $75,000
  '59 Chevy Biscayne? ...
9/9/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Front and rear windshield, bright dipped grill
9/4/08 Seats and door panels
9/3/08 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Body work in progress
8/28/08 Rob Mosher's '63 330 Finished
Rob Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Stripped, gutted and ready to send off to media blast
8/27/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Bumpers and package tray installed
8/22/08 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Painted
8/21/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Fuel tank and carpet installed
8/15/08 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Installed dual master cylinder, new Dana '60 rear end,
Stewart Warner gauges. New recast steering wheel. Restored engine wiring harness.
8/14/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Dash installed
8/13/08 Restored window regulators and installed side glass
8/11/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Door panels dyed with factory colors
Dash installed
Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Head-liner installed
Dash painted
Race hemi steering column completed
7/28/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Emblems re-chromed and attached
Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Instrument cluster restored
7/24/08 Fuel pump installed
7/23/08 Trunk painted with Zolitone
7/22/08 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Painted
7/21/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Body work finished, ready for paint
7/18/08 Hendrick's 1965 Hemi Coronet Floor painted and sealed. Wheel tubs painted gold
7/17/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Bumpers, side quarter glass, headliner installed
7/1/08 Dale Reed Max wedge motor running on a stand (video)
6/28/08 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Frame rail reinforcements installed
5/21/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Rear trim attached. Wiper motor,  fresh air box installed
Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Reupholstered seats installed
5/19/08 Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Some of the original pieces furnished by the customer
5/16/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Headlights, grille and pedal assembly
5/14/08 '63 Army Dodge Shop fleet car for sale
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 4 door donor car completely stripped and gutted
5/09/08 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Back from paint
Bob Tyler's '65 Plymouth A990 Two donor cars acquired
5/02/08 Factory A990 project core showed up today
4/30/08 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Front bumper, rear wheels, carpet, door panels, etc
4/29/08 Trunk painted with Zolitone
4/24/08 All trim attached
4/22/08 Grill, dash, fuel pump installed
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Rebuilt 391 Posi Rear end assembled with drum brakes
4/9/08 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Re-chromed emblems and rear bumper. New Headliner
4/3/08 MSD, wiper motor, brake pedal assembly, undercarriage
4/2/08 1962 Shop Dart Blew up race motor and turned back to a street Dart
3/13/08 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Painted
3/05/08 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Exterior and interior complete
Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 Project complete
2/26/08 Starting up the motor for the first time
1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Front end rebuilt
2/08/08 Not ours Chevette burnout...?
2/04/08 Steve Magnante's '63 Dart Altered wheelbase Dart lettered up
1/31/08 Steve Magnante came by the shop today with his latest altered wheelbase project
1/30/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Reversed hemi shock tower, springs moved inboard, extra tail-light deleted, hood scoop mounted
1/29/08 Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Motor installed
1/16/08 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Back from media blasting
1/14/08 Donwan's '62 Dart Finished and shipped off to New York
11/29/07 Hendrick's 62 Dodge Dart Pat and Clara Hendrick's '62 Dodge Dart
11/28/07 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Dash installed
11/12/07 Restored turn signals
11/7/07 Donwan's '62 Dart Fired up the motor
11/2/07 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Fresh air box and brake pedal assembly restored
10/30/07 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Restored wind-wings
10/26/07 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Restored hemi grill, reverse shift hemi column and dash
10/18/07 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Stripped and ready for media blasting
10/12/07 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Trunk painted with Zolatone
Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Stripping car down
10/10/07 1965 Hemi Dodge Coronet Installed side glass, door panels and bumpers
Donwan's '62 Dart Completed and ready to start
9/25/07 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi Core showed up at the shop today
9/18/07 Bob Snider Bi-Annual 2 yard motor toss
9/13/07 '64 Plymouth Savoy Future project car
Rob Mosher's '63 330 Engine built
9/11/07 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Sold
Hendrick's '67 Plymouth Bel I Painted
9/10/07 Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet 526 stroked Hemi
9/707 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Continued body work
9/4/07 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Rebuilt front end
Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Grill assembly polished, bright dipped and detail painted
8/30/07 Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 Hemi hood scoop cut, fit and mounted
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Rotisserie
8/26/07 Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Changed wheels
8/21/07 Donwan's '62 Dart Exhaust and mufflers fitted
8/20/07 Mosher's '65 Hemi Coronet Pieced together a Race Hemi grill
Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 Cut and fit hood for blower clearance
8/17/07 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Body work progress
8/6/07 Donwan's '62 Dart Dana installed with Tri-City super stock springs. Ansen wheels polished
Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy Project Complete
7/37/07 Hendrick's '67 Plymouth Bel I Car stripped and ready for paint
7/27/07 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy Fired up the motor for the first time (video)
7/25/07 Donwan's '62 Dart Dana 60 painted semi-gloss black, under-dash gauges installed
7/23/07 1964 Plymouth Savoy New acquisition
7/19/07 1965 Dodge Coronet New project
7/5/07 Donwan's '62 Dart Motor installed
7/3/07 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy Restored door hinges
6/27/07 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Dash assembled
6/26/07 Donwan's '62 Dart Motor and trans jigged to front end for installation
6/22/07 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy  

 Hood scoop opened, Max Wedge choke cable, trunk battery, re-cored radiator and fuel tank installed

Donwan's '62 Dart

Seats installed, new dana 60, Ansen wheels (yet to be pollished), new air-cleaners and new gas tank installed

Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 Cooling system complete
4/24/07 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy Fenderwell headers attached
4/23/07 Motor installed
4/17/07 Jigging motor up to the front end to prepare for installation
4/13/07 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy
'68 Hurst Hemi Dart Disassembled 4-speeds, bell-housing located and cleaned
Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Wiring harness
Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy
4/6/07 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere
Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Instrument cluster
3/29/07 Ken Spehar's '64 Dodge 330 Hemi New project
3/19/07 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Brake, e-brake assembly and fresh air box restored
Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Instrument cluster

Painted and assembled dash with recast speaker grill

Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy Rebuilt and assembled 391 posi
2/18/07 Installing master cylinder and making brake lines to clear fenderwell headers
Rob Mosher's '63 330 Trunk painted with zolatone
2/14/07 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy

New ring and pinion, bearings, seals and hardware. Everything cleaned and Posi rebuilt.

2/7/07 Shop Updates Some hemi intakes showed up from A&A
2/6/07 Bob Snider's 1962 Plymouth Savoy Headers installed and sent off to have exhaust fitted
1/22/07 Motor jigged to front end and installed
1/17/07 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere e-brake and brake pedal assembly, fresh air box and wiper motor restored
1/10/07 Media blasted. Getting started on body
  Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Media blasted. Getting started on body
1/09/07 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth Getting prepped for paint

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