What's Old

12/29/06 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy

Disassembled rear end to replace clutches and 3.23 with 3.91gears

12/21/06 Donwan's '62 Dart 727 TorqueFlite transmission rebuilt. Seats reupholstered
Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy 727 TorqueFlite transmission rebuilt
12/14/06 '62 Shop Dart

35 spline spool installed with Strange hardened axles

Donwan's '62 Dart 7 blade high performance fans mounted with correct spacers. New alternators and correct brackets installed.
Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy
12/12/06 1965 Dodge Coronet New project
12/8/06 Mosher's 62 Plymouth Savoy MSD, headliner and rear windshield
12/6/06 Donwan's '62 Dart Tri City Super Stock springs
11/22/06 Hood scoop aligned, mounted and ready for paint
11/21/06 1965 Dodge Hemi For sale by owner
Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Core stripped and sent off for media blasting
11/20/06 Donwan's '62 Dart New wheels
11/13/06 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Project complete. Car drove off today
'62 Dart Project complete. Car shipped off today
10/31/06 Jim Thomas's 1963 Plymouth Savoy Front end assembled with disk brakes
10/24/06 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Cutting up donor to replace bad metal
10/18/06 Stripping down the donor car
10/15/06 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Max Wedge trunk battery installed
10/9/06 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere Car stripped. Replacing bad metal
10/5/06 318 poly removal
9/25/06 Stripping down to the core
9/21/06 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Exhaust and mufflers
9/18/06 Donwan's '62 Dart Front end assembled with disk brakes
8/30/06 Hendricks' 1962 Belvedere New project added
8/21/06 Donwan's '62 Dart Trim applied
8/09/06 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Motor installed
8/03/06 Greg Berry's '63 Plymouth Savoy Added new project
Shop Fleet Snider's '66 Coronet and Mosher's 50 Studebaker Champion
8/02/06 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Motor jigged and ready to install
7/14/06 '62 Dart Driveshaft, e-brakes and headers
7/10/06 Robert Wright's '64 Plymouth

Shock tower reversed, tubbed, framed tied, hood scoop mounted

6/23/06 '62 Dart Front end and brakes, radiator, steering column, battery tray
6/6/06 Motor installed
5/31/06 Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 Has received a Blown Wedge
5/18/06 1963 Dodge Fleet The 1963 Dodge Breeding Program is having a little success
4/19/06 '62 Dart Rear-end installed
3/22/06 Rob Mosher's '63 330

Headliner, bumpers and headlight rings

2/15/06 Mosher's 63 Dodge 330 Addition to the shop fleet
1/31/06 '62 Dart Seats, headlight and tail-light assembly, emblems, seats, rear-end
12/23/05 Rear window trim attached. Fuel and brake lines installed
12/22/05 Rob Mosher's '63 330 Painted
12/08/05 '62 Dart Undercarriage stripped and painted. Tachometer mounted
11/02/05 Front trim attached
10/21/05 Re-cored 4-row big block radiator. Completely rebuilt 727 Torqflite transmission. 2500-2700 stall 11in Torq Converter
9/09/05 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Completely rebuilt A-833 Chrysler 4-Speed Transmission
8/25/05 '62 Dart Door panels, new front end assembled
8/08/05 Rebuilt 440 – 40” Over
7/26/05 New powder coated steel wheels mounted and balanced. Grill detailed
7/19/05 Larry Hursh's '65 Bel 1 Sent off for headers
7/18/05 '62 Dart Bright Dipped Grill
7/14/05 Larry Hursh's '65 Bel 1 Hursh's 65 Belvedere 1 has swallowed a new 547c.i. Hemi
7/05/05 Donwan's '62 Dart Body work progress
7/01/05 Larry Hursh's '65 Bel 1 Installed torque converter, fit block to trans and tacked down to k-member mounts
6/29/05 Disemboweled old front-end. Making room for a new Hemi ingestion
6/23/05 Bob Mosher's '62 Savoy Front trim
6/22/05 Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy Just received a fresh coat and is now undergoing the color-sanding process
Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Freshly bright-dipped grill and front trim
6/15/05 Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy Donwan's and Jim's Motors assembled by Dale Reed's
Donwan's '62 Dart
6/04/05 Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy Body progress
6/01/05 '62 Shop Dart Fired up the rebuilt 500in stroker
Bob Mosher's '62 Savoy Back from Paint
6/01/05 Pomona Drags Shoot A few friends gathered to do a shoot for My Classic Car©
5/31/05 Bob Snider's '62 Savoy Re-upholstered door panels installed


Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 Steering wheel restored and painted
Jim Ford's '62 Dart Dash, front and rear glass installed
5/25/05 Donwan's '62 Dart Replacement sheet-metal weather sealed with semi gloss grey POR15
5/23/05 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Front, rear, side glass and rug installed.
5/18/05 Ruel's Rides Ruel's rides from the 60s
5/11/05 '68 Hurst Hemi Dart Located a donor Dart.
5/06/05 New project showed up off the trailer today
Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy Returned today from media blasting today and is now receiving metal etch primer
5/05/05 Patrick Frink's '64 Savoy Completed
4/20/05 Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy Fenders, trunk, hood and Max Wedge hood scoop installed.
4/19/05 Trunk and floor panels weather sealed with POR15
4/18/05 Floor replaced. Car is being stripped down to the husk
4/13/05 Trunk replaced
4/12/05 Jim Ford's '62 Dart Burnishing the entire under-body
4/04/05 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Steel wheels painted, mounted and balanced.
3/30/05 Gas tank fuel pump and fuel lines installed
3/18/05 Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy Brake pedal assembly restored
3/17/05 Wiper motor refurbished
3/15/05 Jim Ford's '62 Dart Made up and installed under-dash MSD brackets. Installed refurbished wiper motor. Rear bumper and upper side molding attached. Trunk and floor sealed with gloss black POR15.
3/10/05 Monty Bernstein's '63 Savoy Finished
3/10/05 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Dash Installed
3/05/05 Dash painted and instrument cluster refurbished
3/04/05 Jim Ford's '62 Dart A little color-sanding and clear-coat, and this core is ready to re-assemble
3/03/05 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 MSD ignition, wiper motor and pedal assembly installed. New turning indicators.
2/10/05 Patrick Frink's '64 Savoy Back from Doug Thorley's with new fender-well headers
2/02/05 Donwan's '62 Dart Dash refurbished: painted, cluster re-chromed, wired and assembled
1/19/05 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Masked for undercarriage painting
1/17/05 Car returned from SprayRite today
1/15/05 Jim Ford's '62 Dart Floor replaced. Body is getting prepped for paint
1/14/05 Larry Hursh's '65 Bel 1 727 Torqueflite Trans and 2700 stall converter showed up today
1/13/05 Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1 New brake lines have been made up and fitted
1/10/05 Front-end assembled
1/06/05 Patrick Frink's '64 Savoy Off to Doug Thorley's for fender-well headers
12/31/04 Watch the Savoy swallow a new Hemi (click next to continue slide show)
12/22/04 Driveline installed on to the front-end assembly, getting ready to put the engine in
12/21/04 Bob Snider's 62 Savoy Reshuffled the shop and had a good photo-op today while playing musical cars
'63 Savoys Cloned Clones Attack of the clones
12/17/04 Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330 Color sanding has been completed. Its trunk is now receiving a Zolitone finish
Patrick Frink's '64 Savoy Steering wheel has been recast and installed on to a restored column
12/16/04 Monty Bernstein's '63 Savoy Big block 4 row radiator reworked and installed
12/14/04  Patrick Frink's '64 Savoy  Patrick Frink's Hemi just showed up from Dale Reed's
 Donwan's '62 Dart  Metal etched primer applied
12/10/04  Donwan's '62 Dart  Came back from getting Media Blasted
12/06/04  Donwan's '65 Coronet  Wiring harness refurbished and wrapped
12/02/04  Rob Mosher's '63 330  1963 Dodge 330 two door sedan arrives today - son Rob Mosher's New Project
12/01/04  Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1  New seats and door panels installed
11/29/04  Greg Smith's '64 Dodge 330  Just got out of the paint booth on Friday and is now being color sanded
11/25/04  Monty Bernstein's '63 Savoy  Has returned from Doug Thorley's with new fender-well headers
11/18/04  Donwan's '62 Dart  Single-speed wiper motor refurbished
 Jim Ford's '62 Dart  Removed the rusty floor from my '62 husk
11/17/04  Steve Claro's '65 Bel 1  Headlights and new headlight harness installed on. Main engine wiring harness installed and tail light full body harness also installed.  
 Jim Ford's '62 Dart  Harvested a donor floor
11/16/04  Larry Hursh's '65 Bel 1  Received a new recast steering wheel on a completely restored Race Hemi reverse pattern steering column complete and ready to install in car
 Donwan's '65 Coronet  Single-speed modified hemi single blade with passenger side delete for
 Donwan's '62 Dart  Completely disassembled restored and reassembled automatic brake pedal assembly and e-brake assembly
11/07/04  Donwan's '62 Dart   Stripped down to the core and sent off for media blasting
11/02/04  Mosher Collection  The Mosher Collection Grows
11/01/04  Monty Bernstein's '63 Savoy  Sent off to Doug Thorley's for fender-well headers
10/27/04  Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy  Now has a 63' 4-door Fury donor to begin this project
 Donwan's '65 Coronet  Metal-etched primer has been applied
10/26/04  Jim Thomas's '63 Savoy  Husk has been added to the projects section.
 Donwan's '62 Dart  Showed up today from Ed Kelly's auto-ranch
10/25/04  Donwan's '65 Coronet  Back from media-blasting. Stripped down to bare metal, the body work can begin.
10/20/04  Donwan's '65 Coronet  Dash assembly has been stripped, applied primer, prepped and painted
10/18/04  Monty Bernstein's '63 Savoy  Installed Monty's new Drive-Train
    Updated 10/14/04  Cleaned up K-member and front end assemblyDriveline prepared for installation.
Updated  9/29/04  Installed new rear and side glass on Steve Claro's 65 Plymouth Bel I
Updated  9/23/04  Front end assembly and disk brakes completed for Larry Hursh's 65 Plymouth Bel I
Updated  9/23/04  Steve Claro's 65 Plymouth Bel I got big slicks and the reversed painted wheels in the rear.
Updated  9/16/04  Donwan Harrell's 65 Dodge Coronet Hemi cruddy old slant 6 drive-line has been pulled
Updated  9/14/04

 Bob Mosher's 1962 Plymouth Savoy sent off for media blasting

Updated  9/10/04

 Donwan Harrell's 65 Dodge Coronet Hemi project has begun with the initial strip down

Updated  9/03/04  Larry Hursh's Rear-end prepped and installed
Updated  8/30/04  Monty Bernstein's, Steve Claro's, Patrick Frink's and Larry Hursh's project sections have been updated with new pictures.
Updated  8/25/04  New bumpers, fuel pump, lines and gas tank on Steve Claro's 65 Bel I
Updated  8/19/04  Moved Private Collector's '65 Coronet Race Hemi to the 'Finished' section of the site